About Our Fur

Upcycled Fur & Feathers

As unique as the women who wear them, every piece is individually hand crafted. Our team use upcycled fur and hand craft each piece in line with high standards of quality and ethics. Maintaining a close connection with our suppliers, we ensure the sourcing of materials and production processes are entirely responsible.  

Up-cycled / By-product Fur & Feathers
We proudly acknowledge that all materials are sourced from suppliers that abide by the Global Ethical Guidelines of Manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation. This means our suppliers provide us with rightfully procured fur & feathers that is either surplus fur or a secondary product of food trades under the requirements set by the Federation. Instead of going to waste, these by-product materials go through an ‘upcycled’ process to craft handmade, luxury garments. 

Our garments are made for longevity and we pride ourselves on the quality of each unique piece.

A bübish jacket is not a ‘one wear wonder’. Once again striving to minimise waste, our classic designs are made to be worn time and time again.


Faux Fur

We offer bübish customers the best of both worlds with both luxurious faux-fur and up-cycled fur collections. Customers can select which type of garment they wish to invest in without compromising on quality. Using largely sustainable materials, our faux-fur is high-end and durable.


We create jackets that will become our customers’ daily ‘go-to piece’ and our faux range doesn’t come at the expense of style.

Slow fashion

Quality over quantity is our mantra. Alex and Georgie believe we need to break free from the fast fashion mentality that encourages rapid turnaround times on trends and a disposable attitude towards clothing.

Each garment is crafted with love, care and detail ensuring each design is capped at a certain production numbers to not only minimise our environmental footprint but also provide our customers with exclusivity.

Low volumes

Sustainability is at the forefront of all we do. Our demand determines production amounts in order to avoid wastage from surplus product. We closely monitor production methods by regular visits to our factory to ensure all faux-fur jackets are responsibly made in adherence to high quality standards and working conditions.  

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