About bübish

bübish epitomises an essence of chic and timeless sophistication. Our diverse collection is meticulously crafted, presenting an array of styles, cuts, and colours that invite customers to embrace and express their individuality.

Whether dressing up or down, bübish takes pride in its identity as a conscientious slow fashion brand, demonstrating dedication to versatility throughout the creative process. Each piece is thoughtfully designed intended to seamlessly complement both an evening dress and a pair of boyfriend jeans.

At the core of bübish lies a steadfast commitment to quality that transcends seasonal trends. Our pieces are purposefully created to endure the test of time, emphasizing longevity and embracing the principles of slow fashion as opposed to the fleeting nature of fast fashion. Every material employed is meticulously chosen by Alex & Georgie, who regularly conduct visits to suppliers and factories to maintain consistency in craftsmanship. As a proudly South Australian owned and operated business, bübish signifies more than just a brand; it embodies a commitment to sophistication, sustainability, and enduring style.

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 The duo behind bübish 

It’s a tale of best friends and sisters – Alex and Georgie who were born with a shared passion for creativity and timeless style. As girls they would create bold outfits with colourful pieces they sourced from their grandmother’s wardrobe and vintage stores. Donning themselves in fur and other vintage pieces, they’ve always seen clothing as a form of self-expression.

 Epitomising a fusion between Parisian chic and eclectic rebellion, they draw inspiration from the sultry sixties and the era of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller who initiated a new wave of style, that celebrated individuality.

 Living and breathing fashion, Georgie went on to style customers in beautiful local boutiques and Alex pursued a career in marketing. Family, friends and customers would often ask about their eye-catching ensembles - “where did you get that from?” As fast fashion grew rampant, the girls dreamt of creating garments that mirrored the quality of their grandmother’s cherished pieces and providing women with jackets that made them feel comfortable and confident.

 Their desire to immerse themselves in the world of fashion drove them to start their own brand that encompassed their style and beliefs. In 2015 they took the leap to make their dream of bübish a reality.


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